I am in the process of knitting a new scarf with Bernat's new Harmony yarn, "A Symphony of Color and Texture". The suff is wonderfully soft and I've got it in a cute baby blue. Considering it's pretty chunky stuff and the patter is fairly tight knit, this is definitly a "cold winter" scarf designed for those long treks to the other side of campus. BUT! A minute ago, it was the second time I had to rip out 4 rows because of a stupid dropped stitch. Don't ask me how I didn't notice I had dropped it... While admiring my handiwork, I saw a big gapeing hole, hyperventilated, and realized that my work wasn't as handy as I thought. ARGH... Mental note: must be more careful about those stupid dropped stitches. Now, I know how my co-workers feel when I have to rip out their hard work to fix a dropped stitch.

In more exciting news, I got to stock up on yarn this weekend!! Yesterday, on the way back to Mississauga, my mom and I stopped by Walmart. I know, I know, Walmart has low-quality yarn, but it's cheap and I'm student... need I say more? I got this chunky Bernat yarn that's been giving me trouble as well as Bernat's Handicraft cotton yarn: my first non-acrylic yarn!! yay!! And then today, we went to the local yarn store to get stuff for the shawl that my mom's commissioned. We initially wanted some cool cotton, but then she saw some shiny metallic stuff and fell right for it. So, I now also have Berroco's Jewel FX in my collection as well as some Baby Monkey. Yes, this last stuff does sound sketchy, but it's an incredibly soft furry yarn that makes you want to purr like a kitten. It's great.

So, I'm actually starting to stock up on yarn, although I am still reluctant to buy anything without a pattern already in mind. So, I have quite a few projects that I hope to start soon. It's great timing too... I have a major paper due on Tuesday and an exam on Thursday... that's $450 of tuition down the drain.

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