This is what always happens to me: I come up with the greatest ideas when it's too late. This time, I've come up with two names for my blog that I think are terrific, but it's too much hassle to change it now. Argh. So here they are; at least someone will get a chance to read them.

"Cast On, Cast Off... and everything in between" - sort of a spin off of "wax on, wax off", remember The Karate Kid?? Such a good movie!

"Frog it, Frog it Good" - I thought it would be appropriate considering I have this weird need to frog every project at least 3 times.

In other news, Jillian from work finished her sock... except it's REALLY big. It looks almost like a cartoon, doesn't it?? hehe.

I finished my harmony scarf! Took much longer than I thought and although I was tempted to frog it half way through, I stuck with it! YAY me!

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