for not updating sooner. But to be fair, I've been rather busy this past week, running around with Frosh Week business and sorting out my class schedule.

However, there has been some knitting, however minimal. The Vari Shawl has made some progress as seen to your right. And I have finished the back of my Banff Sweater as seen below. I have started on the front of the Banff Sweater as seen to the right.

All of these "to the right... below" business is rather confusing. So I'm trying to decide if I want to just get rid of the "progress report" section. I'm thinking it would be easier to just post pictures in the actual post... hum... things to think about.

I'm very excited about the new Knitty issue that just came out. As you can probably tell from my current projects, I'm quite a fan of them. However, the last issue didn't go over so well with my co-workers who constantly made fun of me because of it. Oh well, I'm so egar to start on some of these new patterns, but I must control myself because I must finish what I've started before embarking into new territory. That doesn't mean I can't dream though... I really like the Cozy lace wrap, although my Vari shawl is similar, and I'm not even sure if I'd wear it that often. I absolutely love the Skating Queen skirt! I MUST MAKE IT! And I'm contemplating whether I want to make the Clapotis scarf. My fetish for scarves is making lean towards yes... but I have so many scarves already and this yarn is kind of expensive... something my student budget does not like. Hum... more things to think about.

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