Uh... AH!

I'm working away on my Banff sweater and I've finished both the front and back panels and have started on the first sleeve. I think I may have a problem.

The front and back panels used 2 skeins each. (4 skeins) This first sleeve has used up one skein already and looks like it will use up another one as well... let's just say half of one. (5 1/2 skeins) And then the second sleeve. (7 skeins) And since this is a turtle neck, I have to knit the neck part. I'm guessing it will take an entire skein on it's own. (8 skeins) I'd consider this a rather conservative skein count and I may well go over.

What is the problem you ask? I only bought 7 skeins...

I think it's time to call the yarn store... keep your fingers crossed.

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