More Like Crawling

My knitting roll seems to have ground to a halt. But despite that, I do have some news on the knitting front. First off, I've gotten one mitt of the Hat and Mitt Set done and I'm half way through the other one.

I'm using the mitt pattern from SnB with slight modifications. So comfy and warm. The only thing I'm worried about is whether they will fit my friend's hand. I was not "on the ball" enough to measure her hands (or her head, for that matter) so I'm just winging it. We'll see how they turn out. I'm going to have TONS of this yarn left over after I finish this mitt. So I think a scarf is due to go with the Hat and Mitt Set. Since both the hat and the mitts have been double yarned and the scarf doesn't have to be, I'm sure I'll have plenty to work with. Yay! Scarf!

Up to this point in my knitting career (not that long, actually. Just over a year.) I have been dumping my knitting on some cushions in the corner of my room. As I have accumulated stuff, that pile has gotten bigger and bigger until the cushions are no longer visible and anyone who comes into my room can't help but stare. So I decided to do something about it. After a long deliberation over what to get, I went with a dark wicker basket with a linen lining. Perfect! Hopefully, I'll be able to contain everything in the basket and keep my stash to a minimum...

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