One More

I finished the Waffle Scarf. By the time I got to the second skein, I was ready to burn to the thing. It just got so boring! And I'm not sure if I even like the finished product. It has this weird weight to it... so that when it's lying on my lap, it almost feels like some dead creature. Weird, really weird. I took a couple of pictures of it, but they all looked like crap. So I'm going to wait until tomorrow and hopefully catch some sunlight.

Since that scarf is finished, this means I can get back to the Diamond Vest. The thing knits up pretty quickly, much faster than I thought it would. And it's keeping my interest, so far. Yay! Will take picture of the progress tomorrow when I take pictures of the Waffle Scarf.

Since the "knitting for others" list is almost done, I've been itching to get started on ME projects. Next up: mittens and hat to match the mohair scarf I made a while back. Then: socks from yarn bought from elann. After that? Not sure... haven't thought that far yet.

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