It's About That Time Again

There comes a time in the midst of every project when startitis sets in. When a project reaches roughly 75% completion, fingers will become itching to move on to something new, something different, something more exciting. The current project may not by any means be exhuasted, or boring. But too much of even a good thing can be rather trying.

That time is now.

The Diamond Vest is about 75% complete, and I can't stop thinking about my next project. I've been getting antsy to start something new, to move on. My fingers just can't seem to knit fast enough to get this thing finished so I can start on something else. But other than that little annoyance, it is going fairly smoothly.

By the way, have you noticed the weird spacing on this thing? It just happened on its own without my touching it or anything! The really strange thing is that the preview on Blogger show the layout as perfectly normal. Then when I view it outside of Blogger, the thing is messed up. Spooky... but if anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know.

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