A couple of days ago I had written out a really great post saying that school was stressful, but I had found sometime to start on the Broadripple socks. Well, my stupid computer decided to play a nasty trick on me and deleted the post before Blogger could upload it. I haven't had to time to post since then.

So let me repeat myself.

Last week was horrid. I really don't understand why professors all decide to pile on the work at the same time. Most likely it's a conspiracy. They want to incapcitate us all before Reading Week so that we can't do anything but stare at the wall while our brains readjust to reality. But despite that, I have started on the Broadripple Socks. I love this pattern! And I love this yarn! The Esprit knits up so quickly that before I knew it I was turning the heel. (Or maybe it was because the yarn was so yummy that I couldn't bare to put it down... and as a result failed my geology class... that's besides the point.) The Espirt has some elastic in it, and I have to admit that it took some time getting used it. It felt very odd to have the yarn stretch so much under my hand, but after a few rows it was fine. I am working on the gusset of the first foot (after I got to the heel of the sock I really had to put it down and get some work done).

Anyways, I am now home for the week. I left the Bejewelled Shawl at school because, let's be honest here, there's no way I'm going to touch it. I've got a box of Highland waiting for me and I'm waiting to start swatching for it. So excited! I think I'm going to force myself to finish at least one sock and start the other before getting to the Highland.

Oh! And my dad has been complaining about the neck and arm holes of his Diamond Vest. Completely understandable and I know what the problem is. I picked up one stitch for every two, but that made the holes much to small. So I'm also going to fix that up before starting on the Highland.

That's all for now, I'll keep ya posted!

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