Bridal Shower

My friend is getting married in May and this afternoon was her bridal shower! The theme was lingerie. So naturally, I decided to knit something a little naughty and a little nice.

Voila! Mon petit chou from Knitty.

I had to knit it rather quickly and was able to finish it in a week! That's quite a record for me! One minor complaint though. The pattern is mighty difficult to keep track of since every row is different and on the screen it's just a big jumble of letters and numbers. I know I should have printed it out and kept track on paper... but I'm cheap and want to save paper and ink (and the environment!)

I'm rather proud of the end result. (Especially since I was up early this morning putting finishing touches on it and I'm pretty sure it was still a little damp when I wrapped it up.) But I hope the bride to be will enjoy it!


Lisa said...

It looks awesome! I am sure the bride will love it, er, I mean the groom!

Eileen said...

hopefully, they'll both love it! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice job! What yarn did you use for it?

Eileen said...

haha, good thing i remembered to keep the tag!

it's dubai stretch from needful yarns in colour #108 (otherwise known as pink).

Anonymous said...

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