Welcome to my attempt to chronicle my journeys into the world of knitting. Let me share how I started.

Back in the day... when I was in grade 5, I was in the knitting club at school. We knit squares of various colours and our teacher sewed them into a quilt. The squares were far from perfect, in fact most of them were more trapezoids than squares. But we had fun struggling with the needles and chatting over the centuries long trade.

Last November, I saw a friend knitting a sweater on her couch while watching TV and the image inspired me to pick up the needles once again. I hopped over to my local Lewiscraft to pick up yarn and then hopped on to google to find online knitting instructions. Now, 9 months later, I have a new found obsession with scarves and am trying to turn my office into one giant knitting factory. I will let you know if I'm successful.

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