Done and Done!

After many froggings and much headache the shawl is finally done! I was able to finish it over the weekend and leave it with my mom before I came back to Hamilton for the week. I also have pictures on my camera that I will upload later today. YAY!!! So excited!!

I still have my Harmony scarf to finish, which is taking a lot longer than usual because of the stupid shawl. But hopefully, I'll get that done soon so I can get on to more interesting projects.

Speaking of finishing, I have finally begun to sew together my Checkered Blanket. Back during Christmas I started a Checkered Blanket from Bernat's website using Bernat's Berella '4'. I knit up strips and then left it sitting in my room while I tried to figure out how to sew it together. Finally, 7 months later, I've figured it out and the blanket is now laid across our living room floor while I sew and watch the Olympics (my new favourite passtime!). 1 1/2 more seams to go and I'll fringe it up and it'll be done! Pictures will also follow once that's done.

And last but not least on my knitting update. There's a job opening at a yarn store in Hamilton!! My friend brought the opening to my attention and I nearly fell out of my chair in my excitment. I really want to apply for it for the coming school year. The only problem is that due to my lack of car, it will take me a good hour on the bus to get there. I'm still trying to debate whether it's worth 2 hours transportation and whether I can fit it into my class schedule... Argh... dilemma.

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