The Joys of Knitting

The reason I love to knit so much is the feeling I get everytime I finish a project. The knowledge that I've created something with my two hands is quite remarkable. And the fact that I can actually use what I've made! Astonishing! After finishing the Harmony Scarf I got started on the Baby Monkey Scarf. The eyelash yarn has an incredible weight and softness to it. So much so that when knitted up, it feels like the soft fur of a kitten or a bunny. I can't stop petting it! I have it in white and it's just plain old garter on 6.5mm needles.

It took me a record breaking 2 days to knit up Baby Monkey. So today I cast on the shawl I've been dying to knit. It can be found on Knitty and I've nicknamed it the Vari Shawl. The first 6 rows are shown on the right. After knitting with chunky yarns and fat needles, this project is a little unnerving. It's the first time I'm using circular needles and it's fun trying to figure out how they work. And I'm really afraid to do any thing more than gently touch the yarn in fear that it will snap on me and completely ruin the project.

I forsee shakey waters ahead. We'll see how it goes.

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