OMG, Ew...

As I was shaping the Harmony Hat this evening, I switched from circular needles to dpn. I must admit, in the attempt to minimize the cost of knitting, I buy most of my needles from Walmart. Until now, I haven't had a problem with them. When you're short on money, sometimes you have to settle for less than the best.

However, this evening, I encounter the nastiest things I've ever come across in the knitting world. These dpn were absolutely gross. They're made from some ewwy rubber/plastic stuff that shouldn't be allowed near a needle making factory. At first glance, they seem okay; they even click like real needles. But as soon as you pick them up, you can feel the rubberiness in them. And then if you put a little pressure on them, they bend. Yes, that's right, they BEND! Like RUBBER!

Let me tell you, knitting with them almost made me hurl. They squeeked and made that irritating "nails-on-a-blackboard" equivalent sound. So gross.

Despite that, I pulled through and finished the Harmony Hat. Thank goodness I like the way it turned out, because there's no way I'm going to frog it and have to pick up those nasty needles again.

I present to you the Harmony Hat. Isn't it cute?!

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