So when I said "tomorrow", I meant "when I get off my lazy butt and actually try to do something". At least I've gotten quite a bit of knitting done. In fact, I've been reluctant to put down the needles which could explain why I haven't updated recently: I've been too busy knitting!! Yeah, right. Anyways, here goes!

The infamous Checkered Blanket, all sewed up and fringed. The black squares are actually navy blue. Really. They are.

The infamous Checkered Blanket, folded and settling into it's new home: the couch.

After spending a good 3 days driving all around western Mississauga, looking for the "perfect" (ie. cheapest) yarn. I have come up with 4 skein's of Bernat's Illiusion in Earth Hues to knit this, and 7 skein's of Scheepjes Homespun to knit this. I think this should keep me occupied for the fall semester, (ie. procrastination city!)

I've also made quite a bit of progess on the Vari Shawl (picture to the right). And I've started on this, which I've named it the Harmony Hat (because I'm using the left over yarn from my harmony scarf, of course. Picture also to the right).

The Pencil Case has been demoted from picture-worthy-hood. Right now, it's sitting in the corner waiting for me to pick up the dreaded sewing needle so that it can finally have a zipper and be functional. It will be done before school starts on the 9th, promise!

That's all for now, folks. Happy knitting!

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