Drive To The End

The Banff Sweater is completed! Well.... sort of. It is sitting on my bed, waiting for me to weave in the ends and to be blocked because right now it's horrible disfigured. But I'm lazy (as we've established time and time again), so I'm putting off the blocking because it doesn't look like fun. Anyone have tips on how to make blocking fun?

The Vari Shawl is also coming along, the end is in sight! Hopefully I can finish it this week! But it is getting a little too cold to wear it which is disappointing, but what's girl to do? And I'm not really a shawl-wearing type of person. So it is questionable how much I'll actually wear it even when the weather is nice. This project might end up in my mother's closet (which is the fate of all projects that I want to knit, but don't want to wear). There's also the issue of blocking when this is finished.

I've never actually blocked before... but from the description it doesn't sound like a lot of fun. It sounds a lot like hand washing, something I cringe at. I'm definitely a girl of creature comforts, I like my washing machine. My way of getting around hand washing is to wear "hand washing only" clothes less than I normally would. That way I don't have to wash them as often.

So, if anyone has tips on how to make blocking less involved and more fun, please let me know... otherwise I'm going to be one unhappy knitter.

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