I've Been Good!

I haven't touched my new yarn yet. 4 whole days without starting a new project! I'm very proud of myself.

The previously neglected Vari Shawl has been restored to it's place of honour. It is my official "knitting while reading blogs" project. This is an interesting development because I can't quite knit it without looking down yet. So the knitting is slow, but is getting faster as I feel my way around the needle. Picture this: I'm sitting at my desk with a pile of knitting on my lap; I'm squinting at the computer screen because I'm half blind and can't see; I'm frowning because I'm trying to figure out what my needles are doing without having to look at them. Needless to say, both the reading and the knitting speed is greatly reduced when I try to do both at once. But you should try it, it's fun!

The Banff Sweater is being seamed! It is my official "knitting while watching tv" project. I had a strange problem with a part of the seaming. The section where the ribbing gives way to the stockingette stitch wouldn't line up properly and I ended up ripping it out a million times. I finally gave up doing it properly and just ignored it.

No pictures because I'm lazy... as we've already established. Maybe I'll make a new rule: only pictures of finished products and new yarn...

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