Promise, Really.

Since The Vari Shawl is... well... a shawl, I figured it didn't matter how long it was. And since I have extra yarn, I figured I'd use up as much of it as I can. So I'm in the process of making it longer than the pattern said it would be. I have around 1/2 a skein left, so this might take longer than I expected. Oh well, I think it will be fun having a super long shawl. I'm planning on wrapping it around me in a poncho-like fashion since I am firmly set against poncho-knitting. Sorry ladies, it just isn't my thang.

On to Banff, as much as I would love to wear it as it is (it's getting pretty cold outside), I would look like a total idiot because the thing is completely unproportional. So I'm going to take Laura's advice and block. The plan is to have an experimental blocking session tomorrow (Saturday) in my room. I hope it'll work out. And I promise to block tomorrow... if, by the end of the weekend, I do not have a blocked sweater to show you, you have permission to send me hate comments. Hopefully this will be enough incentive for me to get off my ass. Keep your fingers crossed!

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