Yay! No hate comments! Thank you, ladies, for all your helpful encouragement. Here, without further ado, is Banff in the last stages of blocking. I haven't tried it on yet, so I'm not sure how it will fit. But I'll worry about that when it dries completely. Oh and sorry about the poor quality of the pictures... I'm not sure what to blame: the camera or the lighting... or me.

Is it normal for the thing to smell funny? Actually, it smells rather bad... I'm not sure if it's because it's wet wool and wet wool normally smells bad. Or if it's because it's actually a wool/acrylic blend. So yes, it's blocked, but bad smelling...

I finished the Vari Shawl! All that's left is weaving in random ends and blocking (more blocking... ewwy). But it looks really good and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I only wish I finished it earlier because it's a little too chilly outside to wear it now. Oh well, I will have to wait until next spring.

Here is an upclose on the laciness:

I started on a sock! But I forgot to take a picture of it and now I'm too lazy to drag out the camera again... sorry. It's kinda funny looking actually. I think my gauge is off. (I didn't check because it's a "practice" sock so gauge doesn't matter) I'm pretty sure that the yarn is too light and my needles are too big so it's a really thin fabric and is kinda airy... but that's all right. Like I said, "practice" sock. But I must say that socks are rather easy. I've turned the heel and am currently working on the gusset. All that in two days!

This weekend was spent in knitting. I got lots and lots of knitting done, but not much of anything else... which might be a problem.

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