No Worries, I'm Alive

This has been my die week... and it's still not done!!

Papers and more papers, I've got due dates coming out of places I shall not name. But I've got one more before it's crack down time for exams... ewwy exams, I guess that's not really anything to get excited about.

Knitting has been minimal due to the aformentioned die week. But I did managed to finish my Mohair Scarf! (pictures to come soon, promise!) It's longer than I had planned mainly because I got knitting happy and forgot to check it's length until it was too late. Oh well. I'm not going to bother ripping it back, so I'll just deal with a longer-than-ideal scarf. The width was also wider than I expected. My solution: same as for the length. So I've got a pretty big scarf lying around, but that's okay because it's pretty lacy so it doesn't feel THAT big. My mum just saw me modelling it and said that I look like I lost my neck... oh well.

I still haven't gotten that crochet hook, so the HP scarf is still sitting there unfringed. Oh well.

I've gotten ANOTHER request for a knitted item... but I don't know if I'll be able to churn all these orders out before the end of winter. Oh! And remember that stupid Bejewelled shawl that I made for my mum during the summer? She think it's too "drapy" and wants me to rip it out and knit it with something sturdier. I just gave her a look that said, "You're kidding, right? Please, please be kidding.". So, just to document the growing list of projects I've got going that AREN'T for myself:

    - HP Scarf for Friend - just needs some fringe action
    - Diamond Vest for Dad - waiting for time... oh, and needles
    - Hat and Mitt Set for Friend - waiting for time to think about pattern and appropriate yarn and to actually go get the yarn and the right needles
    - Rainbow Scarf - i'm thinking a simple garter with chunky yarn... waiting for time to go get yarn
    - Bejewelled Shawl, Take Two - this will have to wait until the new year... or later.

And this is all hoping that I don't end up failing school and having my parents disown me and kick me out without a penny to my name.

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