Picture Time

Today my housemates decided to play pranks on each other and I was degisnated the cameragirl. So I figured, why not take pictures of my knitting while I'm clicking away? So while I don't have any finished projects, here is what I do have!

The Harry Potter Scarf before fringing. I originally thought I could fringe the thing without a crochet hook... but I was wrong. So now I have to order the darn thing and wait for it to get here. Meanwhile, the poor scarf will have to sit and wait before heading to my friend's house.

I just love the thickness of the yarn when it's all knitted up. Very smooth and soft. So wonderful! And it's acrylic, too! So I don't have to worry about my friend ruining it by tossing it into the washer.

Sometimes I just have to slap myself 'cuz I'm so dumb. Remember how I have quite a few projects lined up for friends and family members? I realized yesterday that I'm missing an essential ingredient for every project. If I have the yarn, then I don't have the right needles. If I have the needles, I don't have any yarn. So EVERY SINGLE ONE of those projects have been pushed to the side of the knitting road because I need to spend more money. So instead, I'm back to that mohair scarf I abandoned a little while ago. Here's what I have so far. Much better than my first attempt at it.

I guess that's all, folks! Off to order needles and yarn and hope they get here soon!

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