Boredom Breeds Boredom

There's really not much to report. The weekend was not spent with as much knitting as I had thought it would be. The scarf to go along with the Hat and Mitt Set has stalled majorly. 2x2 ribbing is more boring than I thought it would be and I can't seem to sum up the motivation to keep at it.

The Diamond vest isn't going anywhere either... but that's because of some weirdo reasoning on my part. I've put it on hold because I figure my dad will be around and I can give the vest to him at anytime. Whereas the things for my friends seem more urgent.... why? I've no clue. Either way, it's just sitting there for now.

And instead on finishing either of those project, I've started on another scarf. It's called waffle scarf... I've no idea why... I'm using Bernat Satin which is great silky stuff. The scarf is actually quite a slow knit, which is rather annoying. But since I have a new found addiction to 24 and have been watching the DVD for hours on end, I'll be able to knit up a large chunck in a couple of days. We'll see... and I'll keep you updated.

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