la la la

After too many episodes of 24, I have finished the Scarf to go along with the Hat and Mitt Set. So I guess it should be called the Hat and Mitt and Scarf Set. But here it is all done.

Not very exciting.... I know. But I've also gotten quite a bit of the Waffle scarf done, as well. Almost half way through! Yay! Man, I really wish I was faster knitter. The process of knitting is great, but it's the finished product that really motivates me.

I was originally really excited about buying yarn during the holidays... except when I looked at my knitting basket, I realized that there are tons of waiting projects that still need to be knitted. And since money isn't pouring out of my pockets, I'm going to have to finish all these projects before buying more yarn. While this really sucks and is kind of depressing, it will be nice to see the yarn empty out of the basket and know that projects have been finished. Does that make any sense?

Wow... really random post... not quite sure where my head is right now... anyways, happy knitting.

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