I'm On A Roll

I did end up finishing the Multicoloured Garter Scarf for my friend. Here is a picture of this scarf as well as the HP Scarf all wrapped up.

Fancy, eh? No laughing! I was in a rush and didn't have any real wrapping materials around so I had to make due with some string. Not like it mattered that much since both of them just took the string right off and wore their scarves as soon as I gave it to them. Maybe I'll just forgo the wrapping (or attempted wrapping) in the future.

Also, as promised, the Mohair Scarf.

It's such a warm fuzzy thing. I love it! I wear it all the time now, even though it really rather large. The only complaint? My clothes now all have a layer of beige fur on it. Oh well...

I've also done quite a bit on other projects. I've gotten quite a few inches on the Diamond Vest:

There's actually a very nice diamond pattern on that thing... but it's too dark to see. Perhaps when it's all done and in the sunlight...

And I've started the hat portion of the Hat and Mitt Set using the same pattern from my Harmony hat.

Oh! And the new knitty is out! I absolutely adore this... but I doubt I'll be able to make it... at least not any time soon. It looks rather difficult, maybe a little bit beyond my skill level. And besides, I have to get through this mountion of projects before even thinking about starting something new.

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