The Cold Really Helps

I spent the weekend in Algonquin park on a class field trip. The four and a half hour drive up and back wasn't very exciting, but the time spent there was rather breathtaking.

Learned how to work a wood burning stove. Learned about the legends that surround the area. Learned about the issues facing cottagers. Learned about the culture of the park. Learned that nature can be undescribable beautiful. Learned how easy it is to forget that. Learned to snowshoe across a frozen lake. Learned that I can live through -30C but that I would never do so by choice. Learned that living in very cold weather for an extended period of time really helps with sock knitting.

I've made a lot of progress on the stripy sock. And I got a lot of comments from my classmates about it. They were coompletely facinated by the self-striping. Some people couldn't figure out how I got the colours to line up so well. Little did they know that it's all the yarn's doing and none of mine. They were also facinated by the dnp and how I got the "yarn to bend over the heel". "Magic," I said, "it's all magic."

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