Help Needed

Okay guys and gals... I am doing a seminar presentation on knitting and I need your help!

I would like to survey your thoughts on a couple of things... think of it as data for a research presentation. If you leave your answers in the comments I really really appreciate it and will be forever grateful!

1. What impact do you think knitting has had on the role of women throughout history? Has it empowered women or has it been an instrument of submission?

2. Why do you think knitting has become so vogue recently? Why have people all over the world (especially young people) decided to pick up this age old craft when it has been characterized as something "grandma" would do? Why has knitting been relegated to only something "grandma" would do?

3. How do you think the new knitting craze will affect the young women who are rediscovering the art? How will it change (or not change) the self-image (or public image) of young women today?

4. What's your take on the knitting blog phenomenon? (I know this will be bias, but amuse me.) What are it's advantages/drawbacks? Why do so many people engage in this activity? What's your take on the Stitch'n'Bitch phenomenon? SnB's are popping up everywhere, why? What are the advantages/drawbacks?

5. Any other random thought or interesting fact that pops into your head and you would like to share with me.

I know that's a lot to think about and I hope that that doesn't discourage you from answering. You don't need to answer all the questions. Anything you have to offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Two seams down and two to go on the Diamond Vest. Half way through the foot of the first Stripy Sock. I'm making progress!

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