I nearly finished the front of the diamond vest when I noticed something funny. The left shoulder is significantly longer than the right shoulder. Odd, no? Then I laid the entire piece out and took a look at it and saw that the V-neck didn't start in the middle of the front. Very odd, no?

I counted the stitches at various points on the piece and looked at the pattern many times and realized that I'm illiterate. The pattern says, "decrease on both sides of each RS" (meaning decrease at the beginning of the row and at the end of the row, right?) I read it as, "decrease at the beginning of every row". Two completely different instructions and resulted in many extra stitches and thus threw off the V-neck. ARGH.

The front has been frogged and I've started the V again. The time I finish a project without having to rip back a part of or the whole of it will be the day I celebrate with thanksgiving. I doubt that I will see that day any time soon.

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