Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

The Diamond Vest is done! I just finished weaving in the ends as I watched an episode of CSI. Love that show. Absolutely fabulous.

The vest look good! The measurements are very close to the ones I got from my dad, which is always a good sign. Even then, I'm very worried that it won't fit. The neck whole might be too tight... after all, my dad has a very big head. I'll find out tonight though. He and my mom are coming over for a birthday dinner. My birthday that is!

Yups, my birthday is today. Strange, birthdays seemed like a much bigger deal when I was younger. Now, it's just another day and life goes on afterwards without any significant changes. Maybe that's why I never do big celebration things on my birthday... there just doesn't seem to be a point.

Anyways, here are pictures of the Vest.

A close up of the pattern:

And a blurry picture of the "might be too small" neck:

I now officially have no projects on the go. Trying to debate what to start next. I swatched for the "Go-Everywhere-Go-With-Everything" Cardigan, but I need needles that I do not have. I've also been meaning to knit a mitt and hat set for myself, but I'm very tired of the whole winter theme. I might start summer projects that I can actually wear them when summer rolls around. Decision, decision!

A question for those who would like to help: remember that Bejewelled Shawl I knit for my mom during the summer? This one?

She wants me to re-knit it with a sturdier yarn because it is awfully drappy and snags on things very easily. I'm not sure what to knit it with... perhaps a black mohair? Suggestions?

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