One Done

I have finished one Broadripple sock. And I made it too short. Actually, my foot fits inside just fine, but it's a tad on the tight side. I made it about 1/2 inch shorter than my actual foot because the Esprit is so stretchy. But I think it will be more comfortable at full length. So instead of ripping it out now, I'm going to start on the second sock and make it full length, then go back and lengthen the first one.

The colour way of the Esprit makes rather strange patterns on the sock. For instance, one side of the sock have very clear blue/white strips while the other side is all baby blue. Kinda annoying, but I'm way too lazy to try and change it. So I'm going to ignore it.

I had an hour to waste today so I headed over to Chapters to look at knitting magazines and books. They made me wish I was a faster and more efficient knitter so that I could make all those cool sweaters. But for now, I'll have to settle for my slow knitting.

ps. I have a really strong urge to go and spend money... not a good sign.

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