I started the Rosedale Cardi yesterday! This is a very exciting experience! I started with one of the sleeves and I've found that the Highland splits quite easily. While this isn't so ideal, it still knits fairly nicely.

For the past couple of days I had a very strong urge to spend money. This was a very bad craving, but I was able to satisfy it today. I went shopping with a friend and spent a lot of money. Lot of clothes which is always fun. I also picked up needles that I need for the body of the Rosedale but I probably won't need it for a while.

I really want to make fun lacy scarf for the summer. Hopefully one that can double as a belt. I'm thinking of making it out of Eros or Matrix (from Bernat). Anyone have a good pattern for it?

Well, that's about it... nothing interesting, I know. I'll have to find some time to take pictures of the Broadripple and the Rosedale... by the end of the week, probmise. Anyways, hope everyone is having a great week with lots of fun knitting!

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