Picture Day

Guess what I got in the mail on Monday?!

That is destined to become the Broadripple sock from Knitty.com. I can't wait! I also received my Highland, but I don't have a picture because I left it at home before coming back to school this week. It would be WAY too distracting and I have enough to do as it is. I'll just say that I LOVE the colour and will be attacking it during Reading Week (3 days and counting!). I will take a picture of it next week and hopefully it will turn out nicely.

I was able to the needles I was missing and so prompty finished the Shaker Rib hat once I was back at school. This is what it looks like (don't mind the ends... I was too lazy).

The problem with this hat is that it's much to big for my head even though I used smaller needles than suggested. So it's destined for the frog pond and perhaps I will decide to reknit it with even smaller needles. I haven't decided and frankly I'm bored with it. This is what happens with people who have short attention spans.

I also got some black mohair (Paton's Devine) over the weekend and am in the process of reknitting the Bejewelled Shawl for my mother. I'm not sure if I like it with the black mohair, especially since it's a much thicker yarn than the Jewel FX. I'm worried that the bits of Jewel will get lost in the Devine and then what's the point? I'm also worried that the black is too much and a little too overwhelming. I haven't decided.... but here's what I have so far.

This is going to be a hard project to keep going. I think this must be the 8th time I've reknit it... argh. Let's hope I can stay motivated. Here's a close up of the stitching.

Well, that's all folks. Let's hope that I can survive until Friday before school rears it's ugly head and eats me alive.

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