I've reached the point on the Shaker Rib hat where I need dpn. But I have a problem. I do not have dpn in the size I need. Again. What's with the lack of needles around here?! This is probably just as good considering that die week I've got coming up. I really need to concentrate on writing papers and studying for tests. I really shouldn't be browsing and compiling a list of patterns I want to knit. I really shouldn't be looking up yarns all over the internet and wondering where they would work with a certain pattern. I really should be doing work, but I'm writing a post.

This is my solution. I am off to buy needles on Monday afternoon. (I need many sizes, if you've been following along.) I will finish the Shaker Rib hat during "spare time". I will do work all week, hand in all assignments on time and not fail my test on Friday. After Friday, I'm free! Then I can knit to my hearts content for all of Reading Week while neglecting sleep, food, and general health and hygiene. It will be great. Wish me luck!

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