Good News and VERY BAD NEWS

Good News: I have finished the yoke of Rosedale without having to rip back again. Yay! I've finally learned how to use stitch markers! I'm now working up on the collar and it seems to going pretty quickly. After the collar it's the button bands and I'm done! I haven't decided whether I want to go for the zipper or not... The other choice is little toggle thingys. But to put on any type of enclosure means extra non-knitting work and I'm not usually so fond of that. So we'll see.

Also, it knitting up to be just the right size, if not a little snug. I'm hoping that blocking will loosen it out a little bit so that blood can still get to my hands when I'm wearing it. Anyone wanna confirm that for me? (and if you're wondering how I figure out it was tight around the arms.... yes, I tried it on whie it was still on the needles, horrific I know, but there you go. Please don't judge me.)

VERY BAD NEWS: I would absolutely love to post a picture of Rosedale for you. Mostly because I want to show off and brag. But alas, that is not possible at the moment. You see, on Sunday night as I was working away on my term papers, my computer up and died on me. Completely dead. It could have unplugged itself and hurled itself off the CN Tower and would not be more dead. (makes me wonder... did I really treat it that badly? Was I really such a disappointing and abusing owner? hum... maybe I was.) We should have held a funeral for it. So not only did I loose all my information for my research papers (which were due yesterday) I now no longer have a computer. No computer means no pictures. Sorry.

The only good news to come from this event is that I may be able to get a new computer instead of getting the old one fixed. (It was a very crappy computer... see? Not such a good owner, oh well.) I've been eyeing the Mac Mini and the more I look at the thing the more I want it. It's absolutely adorable. Go look at it. It's so cute! Anyways, to get a physical computer in my hands might take a while (shipping for the Mini takes 3-4 weeks), so that means I won't be able to post pictures for at least that long. So diappointing. Sorry.

And for those who care: my housemate has lent me his laptop and that's what I've been using to put together a couple of half-assed papers. One professors has given me an extention until Friday (yay! Love her!) and the other one doesn't quite believe that my computer's fried. I'm tempted to drop it on his desk and say "Let's see you fix it!" Sheesh.... okay, I'm done ranting.

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