So Screwed And Falling Asleep

I'm this close to going insane. *imagine me holding up my thumb and forefinger... they are nearly touching*

There are times (like this one) when I wonder why I do the things I do. For example, why do I pay thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses so that professors can conspire against me and plot the fastest way to send me to the "hospital"? Why do I convince myself that I want to be in school when all I really want to do is sit around a knit? Why? WHY WHY WHY?!

Can you tell that I'm not doing very well right now?

Anyways, I have been knitting and it is the only thing keeping me sane. Well... actually... maybe I spoke too soon. I suddenly remember the murderous rage the Rosedale cardigan put in me a couple of days ago. Stupid raglan sleeves... But we've seemed to come to terms with each other and she is finaly co-operating (albiet under a very tight supervision consisting of counting stitches every two seconds) and I have not had to rip back since the post.

Speaking of ripping, I had fun watching my housemate's eyes pop out of his head a little while ago. We were watching TV (which happens WAY too often), and I was ripping back the raglan decreases. So I pull out the needle and start unravelling the thing and all he can do is stare at me with an absolutely horrified look.

"What are you doing?!"

Oh, it was classic! You really should have been there to see it. Wish I had a camera so I could share it with you all. I should do things like that more often... it's so very entertaining.

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