I Actually Forgot To Post

It must have been last week... when I was still on that spending high, remember? I made my way to elann.com and bought this:

It's destined to become Bad Penny from knitty.com. I'm a little worried, though. You see, as much as I like to spend money, it actually scared me quite a bit. To be honest, I'm terrified of spending money. I'm afraid that I would get what I'm looking for and by the time I figure it out, it'll be too late to return it. Does this stop me from buying things? Absolutely not! But it does make me think twice before handing over the plastic.

This purchase was definitely a rushed buy. I didn't take as much time as I usually do to ponder and debate with myself. And I'm not sure if I'm completely satisfied for the colour, either. The varigated is for the body and the solid is for the trim. I initially hoped that the solid would match with the varigated, but the colour is a little off. I wonder how noticable it will be when knitted up.

Now, you should be asking me: when are you going to knit this puppy? My answer: I have no freaking idea.

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