I Am Procrastinating.

Stitch markers?! What stitch markers?!

I obviously do not grasp the concept of using stitch markers. You know those rings that go on the needles? They tell you that you need to do something once you reach that point in your knitting, right? See? I understand it in theory, but not in practice.

I've joined the yoke on Rosedale. It's looking fabulous. I love it. I'm getting comments everywhere I take it. People are fancinated that I am knitting a caridgan. It's great.

So what's the problem? I'm working away on the raglan decreases and I think to myself, "Self, you should probably count stitches right now to make sure you have the right number." Then I respond, "Good idea, Self! I'll do that right now." Then I count the stitches and realize I have too many. What happened? I forgot to decrease at the stitch marker. So I rip it back and reknit it again.

And I keep working away until I think to myself again, "Self, you should probably count stitches right now." And I respond, "Good idea, Self!" And I count and I have too many again. Yes, once again I forgot to decrease... at practically the same spot at before. So I rip it back and reknit it again.

And then I'm working away, trying to make sure I decrease where those lovely little rings are. And I think to myself....

Are you detecting a pattern here? Because I am.

If you're guessing that I had to rip back the stupid raglan 3 times to fix a mistake I made at the same spot everytime, then you're right.

Oh, and those lovely little rings? They're more like spawns of the devil. Harsh, I know, but these are desparate times.

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