Rosedale, My Dear.

Rosedale is finished blocking and she's is a beauty! Love her to death.

The only strange thing is... (okay, there are two strange things)

1. There are little bumps that come out around the hips and I don't know how they got there... actually, that's a lie. I know how to got there, I blocked them there. I don't know why I shaped the body to have little bumps come out at the hips. And I also didn't think they would be so obvious. Oh well, the next washing session should take care of that one.

2. The collar is quite a bit smaller than I had anticipated. It still works fine, just smaller than I would like. The next washing session should take care of that problem, too.

All in all, I'm absolutely ga ga over this cardigan. I have realized that I need some sort of enclosure for the front though. It sill simply not do to have it hanging open. But an enclosure will have to wait at least until school is over.

So something kind of sad that I've discovered about my computer. (Yes, the one that died) It was what kept my room toasty warm. Now that it's gone, my room is absolutely frigid! At time I'm huddled in the fetal position trying to think warm thoughts and fall asleep. I've had to wear socks to bed! Oh dear. Who knew the piece of crap could have played such an important role adjusting the temperature of my room?

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