I'm super sorry for the long absence. I really have no excuse. But despite the lack of posts, I have been knitting away and am making good progress!

I've worn Rosedale out in public! And although the shoulders feel a little too tight and it is in dire need of a zipper-like contraption, it recieved rave reviews. I can't help but beam when people notice a new sweater that I knit, especially when I love the darn thing so much. The strangest praise I've recieved must be, "Eileen, can I touch you?" HAHA!! (Not in any perverse way, of course.)

Since then, Rosedale has been carefully folded and placed in my closet until I can find a zipper-like contraption or until I submit to the urge to cuddle with it 24/7. I'll let you know which comes first.

On to newer (but not necessarily better) projects! Bad Penny has been emerging from rapid moving needles for some while now. Since it's knit in the round (have I mentioned before that I absolutely love things that are knit in the round? Who came up with this ingenious idea? I have to give them a hug) I don't have to worry about no stupid side seams and sewing the darn thing up. Nope! The body is nearly done. Another 2 inches and I'll be switching colours and starting on the ribbing for the both the bottom and the two sleeves.

Over Easter (Happy Easter, by the way), I bought a couple of skeins of cotton in a coral colour. This is a drastic step for me because of my abhorance for anything remotely related to pink. I hate the colour. And yet I feel the need to expand my colour palate, venture into new and dangerous terrority. Who knows what I might come up with? So while there was no way I'd go with a baby pink, I figured a coral colour will have to do. The two skeins are destined to become socks, but since they're aren't officially sock yarn I'm a little scared about how they'll turn out. Cross your fingers for me!

Glancing over my posts for the last little whie has been a little depressing and greatly frustrating. I want pictures!! I've even gone so far as to take the pictures... but I have no way of getting them onto my mother's laptop. Trust me. I've tried. All the stupid computer does is spit error messages in Chinese (which I can't read) and laugh in my face while I pull out my hair.

**Aside: Yes, my mother's laptop is equipped with a Chinese verison of Windows because she is new to this whole computer thing. Her English is horrid so at least with Chinese she can guess at all those little pictures mean. While my own computer is lying in pieces in the corner of my room, I've commandered her laptop. The only way I can nagivate through Windows is by relying on the icons and clicking on random things. There have been several close calls where the thing starts acting up... wow... so sketch.**

Alas, there are still no pictures... my humblest apologies... I hope you can forgive me.

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