3-4 Weeks, Baby!

It's done. The Mini has been ordered online and will be here soon. I can hardly wait! I've been so giddy over this, it's ridiculous. But at least I'm not the only one. My housemate and I have been chatting non-stop about how wonderful it will be. We've decided that he must be there when I open to box to take pictures of it. Yes, like a new born baby. I understand how wrong this may seem. I don't care.

Okay, so time for some updates.

I have tried numerous things on my mom's laptop including downloading some driver thingys, but it refuses to cooperate. And so I am still picture less and getting more pissed off with every passing moment. I can now say with certainty that blogging is as much fun without having photographic evidence of my accomplishments. I could say whatever I wanted here and you have no way of know whether I was lying or not. For all you know, I could be an alien with green skin, football-sized eyes, and antenna. And besides, I like to show off and being picture-less severely inhibits my pride, hehe.

I have finished the Matrix scarf and it's very cool looking. I realized that weaving in ends on lacy stuff is a tad difficult. Where am I supposed to hide ends when there are gapping holes in the fabric? If you know, please tell me, thanks. I wore the scarf today and got rave reviews, yay! It's drapy and I love it.

I have started the Coral socks following the toe-up pattern on Wendy Knits. Although I really like how the toe works, its seems like a lot more work than top-down socks. Having to do a crochet chain was certainly an experience. My, my, my. I don't think there ever existed an uglier single chain. Trust me, it was very ugly. And as with all short rows I do, I always forget which row I'm on and manage to screw up somehow, so I had to do the toe twice before getting it right. Toe-up isn't the easiest thing to knit!

I have also decided something about cotton. Whenver I knit with cotton, it always ladders me. I've gotten over the laddering between dpn so that's no problem anymore. No, instead, cotton ladder in the middle of the needle for no apparent reason and it doesn't even matter what kind of needle it is! The Coral socks is using a cotton/acrylic blend on dpn and it's laddering. Bad Penny is using 100% cotton on circular needles and it's laddering too. Cotton just doesn't like me that way. Too bad I love cotton so much. Nice and soft and airy, just wonderful. So I tend to ignore the laddering, pretending it's not there. But since I'm a little obsessive compulsive, I waver between, "Stupid stitches, why are you laddering?! You better watch yourselves... I know where you live!" and "Whatever, it's not there. Laddering doesn't exist. Laddering? What laddering?" It's like Jackell and Hyde. It's insane.

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