Remember back about a month ago when my computer died? It was around then that I could no longer post pictures. Then remember I decided to get the MAC Mini and ordered it online? Well, guess what?!


The minute I saw it I started hyperventilating and jumping up and down and yelling, "OMG! IT'S HERE! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S HERE!" My parents probably think I've gone insane.

It's so small and so pretty and I can't wait to get it hooked up. But unfortunately, I will have to wait until Sunday night to do that. Argh... more waiting. I can barely stand it anymore!

Dear Mr. Instant Gratification, where are you?

Speaking of Instant Gratification, I have finished the front of the Ribby Tank. It took a total or 1.5 hours. Roughly. Maybe even less. As soon as I finish writing this post, I will cast on the back. Then maybe I will sew tomorrow. And then perhaps I will have a new tank top to wear the day after. This is optimism speaking here.

This morning I went on a mini-shopping spree. I headed to The Wool Bin in Old Oakville. Such a quait little strip that reminds me of Streetville (another quait little strip just minutes from my house that houses two yarn stores). As I drove down the crowded streets, I realized why I try to avoid such places. There is no parking. Before this morning, I cannot remember the last time I parallel parked. It is a scary business. Especially with a gazillian pedestrians on the sidewalks and just as many cars behind you... all laughing (or cursing) you as you weave your car in and out of the tight little spot. Someone please just pave a nice big parking lot! (Sorry, that was very unenvironmental of me. It was my inner consumer speaking out.)

So anyways, here's what I picked up at the yummy little yarn store. Three skeins of Stop Mohair to make the cute little shrug they have on display. Icord is making the same one and since she's the one who introduced the pattern to me, I should give her credit.

Since I had some time left on the metre after the yarn store, I stopped by the LCBO down the block and picked up a bottle of Bailey's. YUM... Bailey's.

Then I went to the bookstore and picked up At Knit's End. Stephanie, you rock my world. Enough said!

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