That Wasn't So Bad

After reading Aven's wonderful advice, I forged ahead with the chart knitting. And I must say that it wasn't as hard as I was making it out to be. I have a tendency to freak myself out, have you noticed? But anyway, I have finished knitting the charted part of Bad Penny and it doesn't look like crap so I'm happy. Except now I am dangerously low on yarn and trying not to freak out about it.

I WILL have enough to finish... I WILL have enough to finish... I hope.

So, Dani started a knit-along thingy called Stashbusters and I've officially joined. She also has a wonderful button that I'm supposed to put up on my blog... but since my computer is busted and I don't want to save the picture onto my friend's harddrive, I can't upload it. If you're reading this, Dani, bear with me for a while, sorry! The other thing about Stashbusters is that I'm only supposed to use yarn I have in my stash. This is also a problem since I only buy yarn when I have specific project in mind. So I actually don't have enough of one kind of yarn to knit up a large project like we're supposed. I actually joined it because I like the idea of knitting one large project every month. So yeah... I guess I'll have to bend the rules a bit.

(I actually thought about not mentioning this bending of rules and pretend that I'm using yarn already in my stash... but that would be lying and I can't lie to you ladies!)

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