FO! Take Two!

Yes, that's right, folks. Two Finished Objects in one day! Whoohoo!

The Shrug? is done. Although I have to say I'm only moderately happy with it. I lengthened the sleeves a little too much and now they are almost at my wrists rather than just below my elbows. And the supposedly large torso area is not as large as I would like. Ideally, it would reach around the front so I can pin the front parts together with some cool broach. But in order to do that the back does a funny folding thing. So yeah, anyways. It's done!

This one project a month Stashbusters thing is really motivating. I thought I'd be at the tail end of the month trying frantically to finish my project. But I'm WAY ahead of schedule! (Not to be boasting or anything.) If only I was this motivated during the school year!

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