Update with Pictures!

Why do I get so excited every time I have an update with pictures? Weird... it should be the standard thing to do, shouldn't it? And yet, it's not. I just get too lazy with pictures sometimes. But anyways...

Here is what I have so far on Soleil. The lacy bottom is done and I am now decreasing for the waist shaping. I really love the yarn and the colour. It's just fabulous!

Last weekend, I discovered the library. I know, I know. Having been a student for the past 18 years of my life, you would have thought that I know what a library is. But apparently, I didn't. So off I went to the local library and to my surprise they have knitting books there! Last week, I picked up a Vogue knitting magazine which I forgot to take a picture of. And yesterday, I got this:

I am just itching to read it. All those pretty colours..... A book review will be in order.

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