I was able to leave work early today so I could go visit the NEW YARN STORE that I discovered in Hamilton. Can you believe how exciting this is for me?

Up until this point, I had always been rather disappointed with the locations of the yarn store in my area. While there were several that were close to my house, none were very bus accessible. And since we all know that my poor student's budget cannot pay for a vehicle of any sort, I am wholey reliant on the transit system. This was an unfortunate situation to say the least.

Several days ago, I was surfing around the Internet research yarn as I am known to do and I stumble across one of those yarn store directories. Now this is always an exciting find for me. I always hope to discover some wonderful gem of a store that is hidden away somewhere close by, but usually I come across those familiar names that give me the warm fuzzies on the inside. This time was an exception. I discovered a little store named The Butterfly situated not too far from my house and, more importantly, not too far from an easily accessible bus route. Can't you just feel the exciting rolling through me at that very moment?

Needless to say, I had to leave work early so I could visit this yarn store in person and tell the rest of the knitting blog world about it. It is actually two store in one. It is a yarn store and a jewery store. Yay! Owned and operated by one of those cool mother types, it is small but cozy and at the same time very simple but well-stocked. Having just opened last September (not even a year old!), the owner is still playing catch up with various pattern books and the latest styles of yarn, etc. But she's well on her way. Mondays are closed because that's when she's off to her suppliers to pick up special order yarns placed by those she calls, "her ladies". And she has no problem bending over backwards to accomodate the needs of practically every person who walks in her door. However, she will absolutely, under no circumstances carry "crap yarn" (think stuff found in Walmart, etc.)

Uh... hum... I'm thinking to myself I tend to use quite a bit of "crap yarn". But I don't think she'd appreciate that very much... maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut.

I fully intended to max out my credit card when there. But then I had a case of committment-phobia and wasn't able to decide on what I wanted. Instead, I bought a bottle of Eucalan to try. I've heard amazing things about it. And since I hate hand-washing maybe it'll make the process just that much easier. We'll see.

No, I do not have my camera back yet. Hopefully tomorrow, but I'm not promising anything.

The Patons Kroy socks have been cast on and is well on its way to becoming a toe-up sock. Remember the fiasco with my last toe-up attempt? I was determined to conquer the toe-up sock and I think I may have done it. Half way to the gusset of the first sock and the toe is looking pretty cool. Yeah!

I've also done up the mathematics for the Mission Falls skirt. I cast on and knit several rounds. Then tried to insert stitch markers and realized I had miscounted the cast on and now have to rip out an entire evenings worth of work to add more stitches. Argh. Oh well. Maybe it's time to buy more yarn...

ps. if anyone wants more info on The Butterfly (ie. address and phone number, etc.) leave me a comment and I'll send the info your way.

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