I Am An Idiot

This past weekend, I had plenty of opportunities to steal my camera back from my parents... but I forgot... they even reminded me to take it, too... argh. Another week with no pictures, sorry.

I have finished Soleil! Well, only technically. I just finished crocheting the edges, but have yet to block. But I have a problem that maybe you wonderful knitters can help me with. After doing the single crochet around the neck and arm holes, the edges roll in A LOT. This sort of makes sense considering I'm crocheting around stockingette stitch which naturally curls in on itself. Except that I thought the single crochet would stop the rolling in the same way a garter stitch around the edge would stop rolling. Am I wrong? Or do I have to block the thing first to stop the rolling? Or should I be increasing my single crochet stitch to stockingette stitch ratio? (like... 1:2 instead of 2:3) Or is this all gibberish?

I have swatched for the Mission Falls skirt (I need to come up with a name for this...), but I have yet to find a gauge that I like. Going off of the other skirt patterns online, I think I want to tighter gauge so the skirt doesn't just flop. Cause flopping is bad.

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