My Camera Has Been Kidnapped

Over the weekend, my parents kidnapped my camera to take pictures at a friend's party. And they conveniently forgot to return it.

Unfortunately, this means that I will have no pictures to show you this week. It's all part of a big conspiracy, I tell you. They purposely stole my camera so I would be shamed in front of my blog. They wanted me to become a disgrace to the blog community. It's sad. I know.

Anyways, I have been furiously knitting away at Soleil. When I get hooked onto a project, I just can't put it down. It's like a good book with an amazingly complex plot and nuanced characters and an inner drive that carries you away like a leaf in a river. You never quite know what wonders the next page (or in this case, stitch) will hold and you can't wait to dive right into the promised adventure. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's wonderful. That's where I am at with Soleil.

Neckline has begun to take form. Back has been divided from front. I am working back and forth creating from two sticks and some string what will become the back of a knitted creation. Mind-bloggling, isn't it?

The 75% syndrome has not yet reared its ugly head. Hopefully, I will be zoom-zooming through it so quickly that it does not have a chance to settle in.

Next up will be an attempted design project. Words cannot describe how utterly terrifed I am about this. But hey, I conquered The Chart. An Attempted Design Project can't be that bad, right?

Next weekend I will be embarking on a covert operation to retrieve the camera. Wish me luck.

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