Local Yarn Store

I made my way to my local yarn store today. It felt a little strange, yet familiar. Like finally coming home after a long trip away and finding yourself among all the things you loved but didn't realized you missed until you got back. That was my local yarn store today.

Being away at school certainly has its perks. Living away from parents and being independent. Can stay out as long as I like without having someone calling my cell phone every 2 seconds. Can eat when I like and what I like. Can stay awake all night without having someone telling me to go to sleep.

But being away at school also means no car. This, unfortunately, translates into very limited access to local yarn stores. I make do with Internet shopping, but there's nothing quite like walking into a room filled from floor to ceiling with yarn. It's heavenly.

Today, at my local yarn store, I encounter some gorgeous yarn that goes by the name Hand Maiden (or something close to that). Cashmere and silk. Oh. My. God. I picked it up and could not put it down. I just kept petting it. It became a little embarressing. Then I looked at the tag to see what I was fondling so intimately and discovered the name and the content of the yarn. But then I also saw the very large number that immediately made me drop the yarn. No, it wasn't the dye lot. I can deal with a dye lot with many numbers. But a price tag with many numbers is a little more scary. I was tempted to buy a couple of skeins, just so I could pet it once in a while. But the thought of my going into debt and being kicked out of school because I can not pay tuition didn't go over so well in my head.

So instead, I settled on some Mission Falls cotton. It's discontinued. Unfortuately. It's good stuff. I've never knit with it before, so I thought I should pick some up just so I can say that I've knit with it. Just you wait and see... I will fall in love with it and will no longer be able to find it anywhere. That's usually what happens with discontinued yarns, isn't it? Anyways, I got black and a greyish-beige colour. I'm hoping to create a skirt with it but I do not have a pattern. The plan is to look up some skirt patterns and follow the appropriate numbers while making up the rest... keep your fingers crossed!

Oh... and Soleil is making good progress. Pictures soon.

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