I've Been Bad

**Blogger just lost my original post. Argh. It's actually the first time it's happened, so I've been pretty lucky, thus far. No more, I guess. SO not impressed.**

After work yesterday, I headed over to The Butterfly. Remember The Butterfly? It's the little yarn store by my house in Hamilton.

Okay, really. This shop is totally not healthy for me or my bank account. I mean, how am I supposed to function properly knowing that there's easily accessible yarn so close by? How? Seriously.

Anyways, I went over initally looking for something to make Clapotis. I wanted something with a nice drape and a nice colour varigation. Something a little more decadent than I'm used to, but wasn't in the "bank account suidcide" catagory. You know. Something nice.

But I obviously wasn't thinking very clearly because I expected to have a large selection to choose from. I completely forgot that they haven't been open long and thus are still playing catch up with their stash. Argh.

So after looking around a bit and realizing that I wasn't going to find what I wanted, I settled for a couple of skeins of Noro Kureyon to make a second Multidirectional Scarf. With just the Toe-Up sock and the Mission Falls skirt, stockingettle stitch is getting a little boring. Actually, no. A lot boring. Like I'm crying, it's so boring.

Last night was spent casting on for the new project and getting my dose of New Project Vibes. Yeah. You know what I'm talking about. The adrenaline that fills your veins when you cast on for something new. The uncertainty of what path it will lead you down and where that path ends. The excitment of a new idea materializing beneath your very fingers.

Yeah... I know it's just a scarf. But after round after round of stockingette stitch, can you really blame me? I didn't think so.

Earlier today, I went to Knitpicks.com and bought some more stuff. I'm definitely in this stash enhancing/money spending/horizon expanding mood. It's a little scary. I picked out 2 hanks of Shimmer in Morning Mist and 3 hanks of Alpaca Cloud in Smoke. They are destined for Clapotis and Snowdrop Shawl respectively. Hopefully. And you know what? It wasn't until after I placed the order that I remembered my lack of a swift or ball winder. Hum... this should be interesting...

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