Knitting Convert

Last evening, my friend and I went to Walmart. Beloved Walmart! Yes, yes, I know. Walmart sells cheap yarn. But that's just it! It's cheap! Hello!

Anyways, we picked up some nice cheap yarn and then went to her house and ordered pizza. Yum. Pizza. Yum.

As we reminisced about our childhood days, we munched on pizza and drank Long Island Ice Tea. Yum.


I taught her how to knit! Yes, sir.

Last week, she accompanied me during my trip to Lettuce Knit and was seduced by the wonderful things you can make from string and two sticks. So we agree to meet up and I would introduce her to the wonderful world of knitting. It was fabulous.

I taught her a 1 x 1 ribbing that she picked up amazingly quickly. (She's a smarty-pants) And I worked on the Mission Falls skirt while using my brand spanking new stitch markers.

I'm always so glad when I can make another convert. Not only is it gratifying to share my passion with someone else but it also adds to the ever growing world of knitting. It's another person who I can obsesses about yarn with! Sweet....

ps... I just realized this, but today is my one year blog-iversary. Go me!

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