Round and Round, Part 2

I'd take a picture of the Mission Falls Skirt, but really there's nothing to show. Go look at the last picture I took of it. Now imagine a black tube that's slightly longer. That's what the skirt looks like now.

The other reason I'm not taking a picture of the skirt is because I do not have my camera. (That's a good reason, isn't it?) A Canada Day trip to the beach didn't sit so well with the thing and I think it got a little too friendly with the sand. My daddy currently is in possession of the camera and is attempting to stop the unheathly grinding sound that happens everytime I turn it on. Can anyone say, "opps..."?

Anyways, since I've been knitting away at the Mission Falls Skirt (I haven't hit the 75% syndrome yet, so the skirt is still safe) the Toe-Up socks have been seriously neglected. I hate to say it, but I really don't like the colours of the thing. Way too retro 80's for me. Yuck. I'll finish it eventually, promise!

But the lack of really interesting knitting has me prowling knitting websites in search of my next big project. I'm thinking something lace, I'm thinking something verigated, I'm thinking something handpainted. Perhaps something along the lines of Clapotis or the Snowdrop Shawl in a fairly inexpensive but still pretty yarn? What do you think?

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