Shopping Is Good

On Saturday, my good friend and I were supposed to go watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. While she is a huge Tim Burton fan, I was only going because of Johnny Depp. Yeah... Then as we were making plans, she brings up Parti Gras at the Distillary District. And guess where we ended up going?

Yes, that's right. We took the TTC down for an adventure filled day in the big city! And since we were going to be downtown, guess where we went? Yes, that's right. We went to Lettuce Knit! YEAH!

A quick stroll through Kensington Market brought us to a wonderful yarn haven where my friend was inspired to learn knitting. Another convert! While I would love to drain my bank account on the stuff they have there, I settled for some Fleece Artist sock yarn that has been sitting there taunting me to knit it since we left the store. It's driving me crazy! I was tempted to pick up another pair of dnp to start knitting it, but I didn't have a chance to get to the store.

The toe-up sock is slow coming. The hideous colour is kind of a turn off and makes me not want to look at the thing, never mind actually knitting it. Argh... but I'm determined to finish the darn thing. This is my over-achieving, perfectionist self kicking in. Sometimes perfectionism puts a real damper on creativity.

Yesterday, as I was knitting on the Mission Falls skirt, I broke two stitch markers. I was completely dumb founded. I had heard of people breaking super thin knitting needles, but I have never heard of anyone breaking stitch markers! Shocker! I guess that's what I deserve for getting cheapy stuff from Walmart. Argh...

So today after work I'm am off to the store to pick up another set of sock gauge needles and some more stitch markers. Since I've been itching to start some kind of beading project, I'm going to try make my own stitch markers... keep your fingers crossed for me.

I also need a pattern that will do the Fleece Artist some justice. Anyone have suggestions?

**The camera is still being cleaned of unruly sand so pictures will not be available for the next little while**

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